tirsdag 16. februar 2010


One period played in the valley of elah stadium, and all has gone as good as we could possibly hope for, Norway has not conceeded any goals and Grotnes has made a few great ones. As we speak i guess Canada is thinking alot about why this aint playing out the way it should (them leading whit 2-3 goals) while norway gets boosted by the slim hope this creates. GO TEAM NORWAY!

Black Dog

Whiney Crosby spotted outside the stadium!

Beer drinkers and hell raisers

Andy and my self are ready for the opening match! Ole kristian tollefsen will not play for norway today due to illness in the family.

Btw i now offically hate the olympics, due to yet another disappointment in biathlon....

Money for nothing?

Okey so it's no about 11 hours until Norway start's out against home favourite Canada in the olympics. Here is some fun facts and comparison's between the NHL pro's from Canada and the semi-pro carpenters and plumbers from norway. (okey most of the players on Team Norway is now pro's in forgin leagues such as swedish elite league or the german league.) But 40 % of the team (read starting goaltender) + some of the other players are semi-pros who work half time jobs besides playing ice-hockey. Anyhow, here is some fun facts:

1. The players of Team Canada earns around 726 000 000 kr or 123 500 000$ a year. (private sponsors are not included)
The players of Team Norway earns around 20 000 000 kr or 3 401 360 $ a year

2. kidney crosby earns about the same in private sponsors as all the norwegian players in salaries combined.

3. Cidney Mooseby demands softer toilet paper so he wont get hurt before the game

4. Canada has won the WC 18 times, the olympic record is 7 gold 4 silver 2 bronze in 67 (wc) + 20 (Olympics) appearences.
The international record is 839 wins 410 defeates 123 draw.
The biggest win is 47-0 against Denmark (thank you team canada)and biggest defeat 11-1 to SSSR (one of verry few things to thank the comunists for, among whit tetris)

5. Norway has never taken a medal in any of the competitions whit a 8th place in 1972 as the best olympic result and a 4th place in 1951 as the best in wc.
The international record is 333 win 563 defeat 106 draw
Biggest win is 25-1 against china, and biggest loose 20-1 against Finland.

So i think the Norwegian players should pick up the bibel read 1 Samuel, chapter 17 twice before entering the stadium, which until the final signal is called the Valley of Elah stadium.

Tune in for more before the game.

søndag 14. februar 2010

Some kind of magic?

Okey, so in about two days the norwegian ice hockey team is gonna start out theire olympic competition agains Canada. And one might wonder while norway starts out bad in the olympics: what is the chance of a medal in ice hockey for norway?

Well, the chance is about the same as the chance for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to win the Nobel peace price and a oscar in 2010.

That said, we might have a shot against canada, not only because sindey mosby is a crybaby, (not the nice stompbox wha) or the fact that the pressure is kind of insane, here is how norway could have a real shot.

1. Norway need to keep a clean sheet through out the first period. This might make the canadien team start thinking about the reactions if they loose, + sindey will be blinded in tears because tollefsen is mean to him (if he plays, the best of luck to his sick famly member)

2. Norway need to drag the tempo, a high pace game will end bad. Norway need to make sure to not alove turn-over's whit les than 3 men behind the puck and be carefull throughout the defensive and mid.

3. Grotnes needs to close the goal, as he always do in one of the games in a turnament. A of day from him and Norway is fucked.

4. We need chuck norris...

Any how, i might go more in deept before the game, but i think those 4 is key. And I might be one step closer to a pina colada in france..